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Eaton Compressor

Eaton Compressor Announces the “2012 Polar Air Truck Pulling Team”


Eaton CompressorEaton Compressor is known for excellence in selling high-quality compressors and other air products to customers nationwide. But Team Eaton doesn’t only use its expertise in the professional realm. In fact, Team Eaton is transferring that expertise to the track with the company announcement of its 2012 Polar Air Truck Pulling Team.




Eaton Compressor and its Polar Air Pulling Team made quite the introduction to the professional truck pulling circuit with an impressive first and fourth place showing in the recent KTPA Invitational at Kentucky’s Rupp Arena.


Eaton Compressor will feature three drivers on its Polar Air Pulling Team in 2012: Matt Cain, Alan Cain, and Tina Cain, all of whom will compete on the NTPA, KTPA, and PPL circuits in 2012. All told, the team is expected to compete in some twenty regional and national events.


Eaton Compressor owner Matt Cain completed his first full season of official NTPA competition last year and recently won first place decisively in the KTPA Invitational at Kentucky’s Rupp Arena event. He will be competing in the 6200 LB Super-Modified TWD class driving the team’s “Under Pressure” truck—a Chevy with a custom Eder Motorsports chassis and Pro-Fab 3-speed transmission powered by a custom 526 Hemi engine that produces a violent 2,600 HP. His truck features a personal, heart-felt tribute to his late father, Marvin Cain, who was the company’s original founder and who shared his love of truck pulling and compressors with Matt.


Eaton Compressor vice-president of operations Alan Cain competed in a limited rookie season and won fourth place at the recent KTPA Invitational. He will also compete in the 6200 LB Super-Modified TWD class driving the teams “Buy Polar” truck—a clever play on the company’s Polar Air branded product. The “Buy Polar” truck is a Ford with a custom Eder Motorsports chassis and Pro-Fab 5-speed transmission powered by a custom 526 Billet Hemi engine that produces pulling power in excess of 2,600 HP. Alan and his “Buy Polar” beast look to have raised the bar on the circuit with his truck’s visually stunning full-body wrap with “artic flame” graphics. The truck is being touted as “ahead of its time”.


Eaton Compressor CFO Tina Cain will be launching her truck pulling career this year by debuting on the NPTA circuit. She will be competing in the 98/3500 4-Wheel Drive Diesel Division, 2.6 Class. Her “Buy Polar Unleashed” truck is a modified Dodge Ram with a 5.9L Cummins Diesel engine which will put 1,030HP at her command. Tina will be one of the few women on the circuit, but relishes the opportunity to compete against “the boys.” With husband Matt Cain, brother-in-law Alan Cain, and crew chief Buff Anspaugh designing and building Tina’s truck, as well as teaching Tina “the ropes,” Tina should be a force to be reckoned with!


Eaton Compressor is a premier manufacturer of air compressors and air products located just outside of Dayton, Ohio. Eaton Compressor is family owned and operated and has been servicing customers with premium industrial / commercial air compressors “factory direct” for over 35 years. Eaton Compressor’s unique, innovative products combined with their award-winning service and support offer customers the best value in the air compressor market today!


You can get your Polar Air by Eaton Compressor products today by visiting Eaton Compressor at or calling 877-283-7614. For more exciting news on Eaton Compressor and the “Polar Air Pulling Team” visit Eaton Compressor’s company website at


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